Well, in spite of the nearly infinite other things one could be doing on such a fine fall day as this, my sad little imposter slug has made what they surely consider to be a “triumphant” return, if only because this is likely the highlight of what is otherwise kind of a miserable existence.

Anyway, if you’ve arrived here, it’s probably because I’ve posted this link in a reply to you to let you know that 1) it’s not me pouring actual garbage into your notifications and 2) that I’m well aware of what’s going on. Kinja’s Help Desk was very helpful the last time around, and I expect they’ll take care of this person again in due time, but for the time being, I’ll keep this post updated with a list of spoofed URLs to distinguish me from this sentient waste pile.

For the record, as you’ll see if you click on my profile, this is the correct spelling of my URL:


Now, here’s the current list of misspellings:

The OG Thang: (mangininabottle)

Round 2: (mangiininabottle)


Update, 10:24 AM CT, 10/13/15

Update, 12:00 PM CT, 10/13/15

Round 3: (mangininnabottle)


Update, 2:13 PM CT

Update, 4:29 PM CT

Round 4: (manginlinabottle)


Update, 5:53 PM CT

Update, 9:53 PM CT

Series 5: (mangliniinabottle)


Update, 9:40 PM CT, 10/14/15

Update, 11:24 PM CT

Part the Sixth: (manglinilnabottle)


Update, 12:04 PM CT, 10/15/15

Update, 11:11 PM CT

Episode VII: (mangiiniinabottle)


Update, 10:57 AM CT, 10/16/15

Update, 3:01 PM CT

Inning 8: (manginllnabottle)


Update, 4:17 PM CT

Update, 4:53 PM CT

Mark Niner: (manginiiinabottle)


Update, 5:19 PM CT

Update, 1:13 PM CT 10/17/15

A Full Decade: (manglnllnabottie)


Update, 4:27 PM CT 10/21/15

Update, 11:19 PM CT

♫ Elevennnnnn/is definitely a lonely sad wiener’s number... ♪



Update, 6:42 PM CT, 10/22/15: A twofer!

...and 12: (manginillnabottle)